If you have any old surfboards or fins laying around, or know someone who does and might want to sell them, talk to us! If you don't know anything about vintage boards that's OK, just send us the photo anyway!

We have new and used shortboards, longboards, mini-mals, mini sims, quads, thrusters, bonzers, twinzers, five-fins, twins, singles, channel bottoms, vee bottoms - you'll find it all in here.

We are always keen to do a deal. Fill in the Contact form and we'll be in touch with you in no time.

And if we don't have it, get us to go on the hunt for you!


Our social charter

We donate heavily to local kids charity The Board Meeting in both time and money.

By swapping boards and reusing old boards for art we hope to reduce the footprint the industry has on the environment.

And we simply strive to get guys and girls more stoked about surfing by having the right equipment under their feet.

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